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Promote Spark Chart, earn commissions and help your friends and followers when they sign up to a paid Spark Chart plan. Spark Chart pays affiliates a generous commission. And, you can give your friends and followers a discount coupon.

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Create & deploy professional surveys

Employee surveys

Get employee ideas and opinions to improve performance.

360 degree feedback

How are leaders and employees perceived? What are their strengths & development needs?

Feedback, opinions & ideas

Explore opinions, brainstorm, generate ideas and get feedback.

Customer surveys

What do customers say and recommend? What are their needs?

Net Promoter Score ® (NPS)

Use NPS to measure customer loyalty to brand, company, product or service.

Market research

Conduct research to get a deeper understanding of markets and potential customers.

Spark Chart Account

A Spark Chart account provides survey software with everything needed to run truly professional survey projects. Surveys look awesome on any device. Ready-made survey templates. Customize the branding. Any language. Amazing reporting features.

Survey Software Tool

For individuals, teams & organizations

Consultant | Enterprise Plan

Spark Chart  has a purpose built plan for consultancies, agencies and enterprises. The survey software includes a management console to add and manage Spark Chart accounts for individual clients. A single sign on to manage users, set defaults and easily copy surveys, email templates and projects to client accounts.

Spark Chart Survey Software Reports

For consulting groups and enterprises