Four Key Steps in a Survey Project

Here is a series of videos covering the key steps in a survey project. Having a clear goal and specific objectives is really important to deliver a successful survey project. Learn more about survey goals here. Beyond the goal and objectives, the key steps in a survey project are:

  1. Design a survey template
  2. Create and launch a project
  3. Distribute surveys and follow up
  4. Analyze and share results

STEP 1: Design a Survey Template

There are various ways to create a survey template. You can install a survey template from our Survey Library or design your own survey from scratch. You can also go ahead and copy a survey template with a click. Then edit away. Or, download a template from the Survey Library and edit it.

How to create a survey template

How to add and design survey content

STEP 2: Create and Launch a Survey Project

A Project is the place where all elements of a survey project are brought together, including the survey itself, rating scales, welcome messages and customized branding. When you “Launch” a project it will quickly be readied and the project “Mission Control” button will appear. In the Mission Control you can add participants, deploy surveys, and analyze and share results.

Don’t worry, you can edit survey templates without affecting launched projects

During launch, the survey template will be copied into the project. Editing the survey template will not change the survey in a launched project. You will need to relaunch the project if you wish to change the survey. This is to avoid accidentally changing a live survey.

STEP 3: Distribute Surveys

There are several ways to distribute surveys – by email, on websites or Intranets or by scoical media.

How to distribute surveys by email and get responses

When you know the names and email addresses of the people you would like to complete the survey, you can add them to the project as participants. Surveys and personalized messages can be distributed to these participants by email.

Don’t have email addresses! Or, want to post to social media or websites? Create a Satellite.

A Satellite is a unique link to the survey that can be shared and multiple surveys to be completed from the one link. The satellite link allows a person to register in a project either anonymously or with their personal details. Satellites have multiple uses, including for surveys on websites, Intranet and Social Media or to send via sms. Additionally, a Satellite may be useful when a person wishes to personally distribute surveys.

STEP 4: Analyze and Share Results

You can create and share all your reports in Spark Chart. You don’t need to export results. Click here to view a sample report. You have complete flexibility to customize your reports.

Let’s introduce “Sparks”

A Spark is customised view of the survey results. A Spark can contain all the survey results or selected views of the survey results. Sparks can be designed to easily present and share results with different audiences.

Analyzing and customizing the “Spark Layout”

The Spark Layout can be customized easily. Options include filtering results, changing the chart types and colours, hiding or showing specific questions and responses (or elements like additional comments, response rates, themes and more) and adding key messages or recommendations. Sparks can be saved and copied along with analysis without losing the work performed.

So, how do you “Share” the “Sparks” (results)?

The Shares feature provides an easy way to share and present survey results to different audiences. You can create a comprehensive presentation with easy navigation menus, and choose which Sparks to share. Shares can be open to the public or password protected.

That’s the four main steps in a survey project.

  1. Design a survey template
  2. Create and launch a project
  3. Distribute surveys and follow up
  4. Analyze and share results

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