New survey software features in Spark Chart, May 2019

We have released new survey software features to add more user power in Spark Chart. The release includes:

  • New Configuration Layout for report elements
  • New Compound Charts for rating scale questions
  • New Text Blocks feature
  • New statistics panel in results for Rating Scale questions
  • New data table
  • Adjustment to the Pins feature
  • Styling enhancement for mobile view of shared reports

New configuration layout for report elements (questions, text entries, compound charts)

A new Configuration Layout has been introduced in Reports to select and enable result filters, configure charts, add text, and hide or show questions and result elements when reports are shared. Presentation is now managed from a configuration bar above each report element. Each presentation option is controlled by an icon with a mouse over tool tip description. The new layout should be more intuitive and save screen space. Charts, tables and other result elements now remain visible while setting or editing filters, chart and data options.

Filter Survey Question Responses
Survey Report Question Chart Options

New Compound Charts for rating scale questions

A new Compound Charts feature has been added to aggregate question results. Compound Charts can be created for selected Rating Scale questions. Statistics and Data Panel options have also been added to Compound Charts. Select from the “Add” button at the top of reports. Compound Charts will appear when printing reports (unless the hide option is selected). However, they are not included when exported to CSV.

Add Compound Chart and Text Block
Compound Chart Configuration
Compound Chart with Statistics

New Text Blocks feature for more flexibility in reports

A new Text Blocks feature allows rich text, images, videos and more to be inserted into reports, independent of individual questions. The text block can be moved anywhere in a report using drag and drop. This provides more flexibility for inserting Messages & Recommendations into reports. Select from the “Add” button at the top of reports.

Rich text can still be attached to individual questions and the text will move with the question.

Text Blocks and rich text messages appear when reports are printed (unless the hide option is selected) but are not included when exporting to CSV.

Survey Software Text Block
Survey Software Text Block

New statistics panel for Rating Scale questions in reports

New Statistics Panel has been added for Rating Scale questions in reports. Statistics include Mean, Median, Mode, Minimum, Maximum and Standard Deviation. The visibility of the statistics can be controlled from the Show menu above the chart. Statistics do not show for multiple choice because multiple choice answers do not have any assigned value.

Survey Report Net Promoter Score (NPS)

You can exclude a specific rating from the statistical calculations in reports. For example, in a Rating Scale you may wish to use a “Don’t Know” label with a value of zero and exclude that scale from statistics (like an average or standard deviation). There is an option to choose a scale item to exclude when adding or editing a Rating Scale.

Survey Rating Scale with Exclusion for Statistcs

New data table

A new Data Table has been added to Rating Scale and Multiple Choice questions to present results in a data table format. The data panel is hidden by default, but can be shown with a click of an icon in the Show menu above the chart.

Survey Software Data Table

Pinning projects, survey templates, reports and report shares

The Pins feature makes pinned items quickly accessible from any screen. The “Pins” icons have been adjusted to always show an icon. The icon turn blue when an item is selected. The aim is to make users more aware of the feature. Pinned projects show on the Dashboard. All pinned items also show under the Pins menu at the top right of the screen.

Pinned Survey Projects
Survey Software Pins

Styling enhancements for shared reports

We have slightly redesigned the Share Report view, to show more information horizontally, which is useful when viewing reports on mobile devices.