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Infographic showing how to better asses client needs with surveys

How to assess client needs with surveys for a deeper insight

A guide on how to transform the way you assess client needs with effective surveys, and gain a deeper insight for great results and smarter consulting. 

How to Identify Pain Points Proactively and Be a Consulting Genius

An insight into using surveys to better understanding all client pain points. Discover all barriers holding back your clients, exceed expectations and be first choice for all future consultancy needs.
Survey fuelled business consulting

Survey fuelled business consulting

Every successful venture begins with a solid foundation, and for a business consulting practice, this foundation is built on client and employee relationships.

How to Create an Effective Survey for Training Feedback in 3 Steps

Here are three key steps to more effective post-training surveys. Engage better with your trainees and encourage clear and constructive feedback.
Training Survey

Surveys: A Guide for Training Organisations

In the field of training and development, effective evaluation is a cornerstone for continuous improvement. Surveys offer a means to gather feedback, assess training effectiveness, and drive data-driven decisions.
Market Research Survey

Effective Market Research Surveys

Market research surveys play a pivotal role in understanding customer preferences, analyzing market trends, and making informed business decisions.
Net Promoter Score Tips

10 Net Promoter Score Tips for Driving Customer Loyalty

Here are some Net Promoter Score tips and best practices for improving your NPS score and keeping your customers happy.
Survey Pilot

The Crucial Importance of Conducting a Survey Pilot

Conducting a survey pilot is a critical step in the research process, ensuring the validity and effectiveness of the survey.
Leadership Benefits of Surveys

The Leadership Benefits of Surveys: A Powerful Tool for Success

Effective leadership is not just about making decisions; it’s about understanding the needs, opinions, and experiences of those you lead.
How to Ask the Right Survey Questions

How to Ask the Right Survey Questions and Unlock the Power of Surveys

Creating effective surveys requires more than just asking a few questions. To truly unlock the power of surveys, you need to know how to ask the right questions.
Employee Evaluations and 360-Degree Feedback

Unlock the Full Potential of Employee Evaluations with 360-Degree Feedback

Traditional methods of evaluation can be time-consuming, biased, and ineffective. That’s where 360-degree feedback software fits in.
How to Improve Customer Service

How to Improve Customer Service? Where to Start?

In any kind of business, your customers (and efforts to improve customer service) should be the number one priority.
How to get value from Net Promoter Score

How to Get Value from Net Promoter Score

Learn how to get value from Net Promoter Score? Find out about Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), and how you can maximise the value of NPS.
How to Engage Employees

How to Engage Employees? Where to Start?

How to engage employees? Where to start? Begin with understanding employees and their opinions and ideas.
Purpose of a Survey

What is the Purpose of a Survey? Why Conduct a Survey?

Ever wondered about the real purpose of a survey? We often fill out surveys without really thinking too much about the real survey purpose.
Member Survey

How a Member Survey and Feedback Can Benefit Your Club

A member survey is an essential way to get feedback from members of a golf club, yacht club, tennis club or any sporting or social club.
Improve School Performance with Surveys with a School Survey

The Best Surveys to Improve School Performance

Surveys help improve school performance. Use feedback to get insights from students, teachers, staff or the entire school community.
High Performing Team

How to Create a High Performing Team

Building a high performing team is a goal all leaders should have. Here are a few tips to create a great team and help the team succeed.
Board Performance

Have You Assessed Your Board Performance?

Have you thought about assessing Board performance? It’s important for stakeholders to know how their board is actually performing.
Leadership Team Survey

Improve Performance with a Leadership Team Survey

A leadership team survey helps leaders and managers to consider how they’re working as a group and identify opportunities.
Why Use 360 Degree Feedback

Why use 360 degree feedback?

All businesses, leaders and employees can benefit from 360 degree feedback when it’s done in a constructive, supportive and honest way.
Good Net Promoter Score

What is a Good Net Promoter Score®?

What is a good Net promoter Score will vary depending on your organisation & industry. One comparison trumps them all - your own benchmark.
Benefits of an Employee Survey

What are the Benefits of an Employee Survey?

One of the benefits of an employee survey is staff engagement. That's part of it. But, the survey can also be valuable for measuring company performance.
Survey Customers

Why You Should Survey Customers

The process of surveying customers goes a lot deeper than just trying to make them happy. Here’s why you should be surveying your customers.
Survey Software