How to deliver a survey project

How to deliver a successful survey project

A successful survey project depends upon having 1) a robust process and 2) expertise in designing surveys, getting responses, analysing results, presenting results and planning action and 3) the right survey software. Establishing clear survey goals and objectives is the key starting point for a survey project. Goals provide overarching direction and the primary aim of the project. Goals guide decision making. Objectives are specific and measurable steps to meet the goals. Start with goals and then break them down into the objectives. Here is a simple survey process outlining the project steps to follow to ensure success.

  1. Plan the survey project
  2. Design and pilot the survey
  3. Get survey responses
  4. Analyze the survey results and develop recommendations
  5. Present the results and plan action
Steps for a successful survey project

The survey project steps

Step 1: Plan the survey project

  • Agree the scope, survey project objectives and target audience
  • Consult with key stakeholders about the survey requirements
  • Create a steering committee in need
  • Define the key survey policies for the project (e.g. anonymity, confidentiality, level of access to results)
  • Develop the project plan and project steps

Step 2: Design & pilot the survey & communications

  • Define the reporting requirements (demographic, target groups, etc.)
  • Design the survey and communications
  • Pilot the survey and communications and refine. Pilot again in need.
  • Obtain survey sign-off

Step 3: Get responses

  • Set up the project and obtain participant details
  • Distribute surveys and provide support
  • Ensure confidentiality and anonymity policies are met
  • Follow up surveys to achieve/exceed target response rates

Step 4: Analyse results & develop recommendations

  • Analyse results and identify key trends
  • Develop recommendations
  • Create compelling and focused reports

Step 5: Make decisions & act

  • Present results and the Case for Action
  • Make decisions and plan action
  • Communicate results and plans to key stakeholders

Look for the best survey software

Using the right survey software will make it easy to plan survey projects, design surveys, deploy surveys, analyse survey results and create reports. Get survey resources and learn more about surveys here.

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