Create any type of survey!

  • Get the feedback you need

    Whether you are a business, consultant, freelancer, blogger, agency, team or an individual, Spark Chart is the survey tool you need.

    “Our mission is to help you become a survey expert and get the feedback you need.”

  • Design your own surveys

    Build any type of survey quickly and easily. Apply advanced logic. Customize everything.

  • Choose from survey templates in our Library

    Get ready-made survey templates. Use them as-is or edit them. See our Use Cases for survey template examples.

  • Any language

    Pre-installed langauge packages or customize the survey language yourself.

Spark Chart Survey Software Tool
Survey Tool

Design & deploy quickly!

  • Add your own branding

    Your surveys will look amazing on any device. Customize the logo, colours, header and footer, along with messages and instructions. You have complete control over the the look and feel of your surveys.

  • Deploy surveys rapidly

    Email surveys using beautifully styled and professional email templates. Add surveys to social media or websites.

  • Don’t leave getting responses to chance

    You get a survey tool to engage respondents, instantly track their progress & follow up to get the feedback you need.

Dig deep & analyze with ease!

  • Dig deep into the results

    You don’t need to be an expert consultant. The survey software does it for you. Analyze and filter results easily. Perform your analysis quickly. Add notes directly into the software.

  • View results for the project and any group or individual

    In Spark Chart you can create results at any level – the project, groups, segments, demographic groups, selected people and indiviudals.

  • Work fast and have fun filtering and analyzing!

    Create as many reports as you wish. Copy your analysis instantly and dig deeper without losing what you have done.

Survey Software Tool Filtering Results
Spark Chart Survey Report

Create & share beautiful reports. Instantly!

  • Build beautiful reports. No need to export!

    Quickly create tailored reports with beautiful presentation layouts. Add key messages and recommendations.  Choose from a range of graph layouts and colours. You are in complete control of what you share and how it looks.

    Of course, you can also export reports to pdf with customized branding, or download customised csv reports.

  • Share live results & presentations with a click

    Results are updated instantly. There is no need to keep creating reports. You know how other survey software makes you export your results. Well, we don’t. Save time. Forget about exporting to other programs. Create dashboards for different audiences with the messages, colours and logo you want.

  • Save time and impress people

    Do it all in Spark Chart! Forget about exporting. Share the link by email or post to social media or websites. Make the links public or password protect them. Reports can also be embedded in websites.

Get expert support & advice, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

  • Support and advice when you need it

    Our responsive team is ready to answer questions and provide advice 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  • Comprehensive Help Center

    Easily search our Help Center to find the articles, FAQs and videos you need.

  • Survey consultants with extensive expertise

    Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced survey and business consultants.

  • Help to run your survey project in need

    For a small fee, get us to design and set up a survey for you, manage your survey project or analyze your results.

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