Spark Chart awarded 2019 Great User Experience and Rising Star Distinctions from a Leading Software Review Platform

Spark Chart recognised with awards

As one of the world’s leading survey and feedback management platforms, Spark Chart was recently reviewed by CompareCamp and awarded with their Great User Experience and Rising Star Recognition for 2019. CompareCamp is a foremost source for B2B and B2C software SaaS reviews, helping companies and individuals from around the world make smart and information-driven decisions when it comes to choosing and investing in business software.

About Spark Chart

Spark Chart helps clients create and implement customized surveys to gather customer, employee, stakeholder, supplier and market knowledge, answers and ideas. Our survey and feedback tool ensures highest response rates and provides our users with a powerful tool to get the feedback they need and derive critical insights in order to devise effective business strategies. Furthermore, our reporting features do all the hard work, allowing our clients to analyze and share results quickly and easily.

Business consultants and leaders use Spark Chart to identify the prevailing sentiment in the workplace and the factors that shape market trends, in order to discover untapped, hidden business opportunities. Our software is user-friendly even for non-technical users and the results generated are valuable from an insight-gathering perspective.

Our latest recognition from CompareCamp is a huge nod to the impact Spark Chart is making in the survey market. We have significant plans for the future, where Spark Chart will be the go to partner for businesses that require solid data, insights and ideas to fuel their success and growth.

About CompareCamp

CompareCamp is one of the leading online resources of product reviews and comparisons. They enable customers to compare products and learn more about their key features to help their buying decisions.

Read the CompareCamp review of Spark Chart.

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