Feedback is an essential ingredient for successful leadership.


The Leadership Benefits of Surveys: A Powerful Tool for Success

Effective leadership is not just about making decisions; it’s about understanding the needs, opinions, and experiences of those you lead.

Unlock the Full Potential of Employee Evaluations with 360-Degree Feedback

Traditional methods of evaluation can be time-consuming, biased, and ineffective. That’s where 360-degree feedback software fits in.

How to Engage Employees? Where to Start?

How to engage employees? Where to start? Begin with understanding employees and their opinions and ideas.

How to Create a High Performing Team

Building a high performing team is a goal all leaders should have. Here are a few tips to create a great team and help the team succeed.

Have You Assessed Your Board Performance?

Have you thought about assessing Board performance? It’s important for stakeholders to know how their board is actually performing.

Improve Performance with a Leadership Team Survey

A leadership team survey helps leaders and managers to consider how they’re working as a group and identify opportunities.

Why use 360 degree feedback?

All businesses, leaders and employees can benefit from 360 degree feedback when it’s done in a constructive, supportive and honest way.

What are the Benefits of an Employee Survey?

One of the benefits of an employee survey is staff engagement. That’s part of it. But, the survey can also be valuable for measuring company performance.

Why 360 Degree Feedback can be a Business Consultant’s Best Tool

360 degree feedback is a process consultants can use to identify individual development needs and improve a business.

Why Employee Engagement Matters

One of the best ways to understand your staff better is to use employee engagement surveys. The information you can gain from such surveys is invaluable.

How do you compare to the average leader?

Here are some common leadership themes. How does your leadership style compare? How would your team describe your leadership?

Focused on the right business priorities? Conduct a SWOT Analysis!

SWOT Analysis is an important tool to identify short term operational priorities and quickly improve the performance of an organisation or team.

Delegation is fundamental for leaders!

No matter what size or type of organisation you work in, delegation matters. If you are a leader then invest the time to learn.

Do you suffer from Leadership Osmosis?

If you want to be a better leader, here is a simple tip and some questions to ask yourself. Avoid Osmosis.

Use feedback to get teams engaged and aligned

There is an important link between feedback and teamwork. Teams and leaders quickly get engaged with survey results.