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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is widely used to measure customer loyalty to a brand, company, product or service.
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The Four Key Steps in a Survey Project

Here is a series of videos covering the four key steps in a survey project.
Employee Surveys

4 Tips for Survey Success

The best surveys begin with a clear design process, and a knowledge of the desired outcome.
Common Survey Mistakes

Common survey mistakes to avoid

There are a number of common mistakes when designing and conducting projects. Make sure you don't fall into these traps.
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The basics of good survey design

Here are some tips on the basics of good survey design to help you start thinking about the best way to get the information that you need.
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Writing survey questions

When writing survey questions, design them to achieve your survey goals and objectives and don't ask anything irrelevant.
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Survey goals and objectives

Establishing clear goals and objectives is essential to create a survey that results in valuable data. They should guide your survey decision making.
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Survey Guide - Get Started with Spark Chart

The Spark Chart survey software gives you the skills and tools to create and manage successful survey projects and to get and share the feedback you need.
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Tips to conduct a survey pilot

Conducting a survey pilot helps confirm the validity of your questions and the effectiveness of the messages in your communication.
Spark Chart Survey Software Mission Control

Managing a survey project in the Spark Chart Mission Control

In the project Mission Control you can plan, distribute surveys, manage the project and analyse and share results.
Spark Chart Survey Software Dashboard

Creating a survey project in the Spark Chart Dashboard

In the Spark Chart Dashboard you can build surveys and launch projects ready to deploy surveys and view results.
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How to create rating scales that guide respondents effectively

Rating scales are one essential component of survey questions and need careful consideration.
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4 cause-and-effect survey tips when designing surveys

Consider cause-and-effect elements as a simple check when designing surveys.
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How to design great surveys to get the best data

Here are some tips to help you think about the best way to get the information that you need from your survey.
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Survey mistakes - four ways to sabotage your survey

Sometimes it’s helpful to see things the other way around. How would you sabotage your survey?
Engage Teams - Employee Survey

Quick guide to making a great employee survey

In this guide we discuss some principles to apply in order to create an effective employee survey.
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Focus on making your survey questions more effective

Writing questions is easy, but writing effective survey questions means avoiding some common mistakes.
Customer Survey

Customer surveys: 10 easy tip to follow

Creating a useful customer survey can be challenging, but the investment is worthwhile and can give a lot of data quickly.
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How to write good scale questions

Getting s survey scale right is essential to ensure reliable data and also to not frustrate or confuse the survey participants.
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Scrolling versus multiple pages in surveys: What's best?

One question to get right when designing surveys is whether to make people scroll or use multiple pages.

Spark Chart provides the software and tools to design surveys

Before getting to the detailed design surveys, it is important to start at the high level. Begin the design process with a clear understanding of your desired outcomes and goals.

The basics of good survey design

The answers to the questions below will help you start thinking about the best way to get the information that you need.

  • What are your survey goals and objectives? Write down the goals and objectives for your survey project. Then, write some notes to yourself about what would help to get you the data to support your goals and objectives.
  • How will the data be used? Will the analysis just be of data from this survey, or will it be combined with other data? Will you use it internally or publish it? Is it just for your use, or are the results for a client or external stakeholder?
  • What kind of questions do you need to ask? Think about what you need to support your goals and objectives. What is absolutely required for you to reach them? And, then ask, what is not necessary at all?
  • Who are you targeting? Think about their ages, genders, locations, languages, the devices they are most likely to use. How will you engage your survey respondents?
  • What’s the best way to distribute the survey? Thinking about all the previous questions, how will you send it? Will it be by email, via a website, social media or an personal request?
  • What sort of reports do you need? It makes a difference whether you are reporting just for yourself, or for other people? And whether you need to deliver reports in other formats.