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The Four Key Steps in a Survey Project

Here is a series of videos covering the four key steps in a survey project.
Feedback to Engage & Align for Teamwork

Use feedback to get teams engaged and aligned

There is an important link between feedback and teamwork. Teams and leaders quickly get engaged with survey results.
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Survey goals and objectives

Establishing clear goals and objectives is essential to create a survey that results in valuable data. They should guide your survey decision making.

Steps to deliver a successful survey project

A successful survey project depends upon having 1) a robust process and 2) expertise in designing surveys.
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The importance of clearly communicated survey policies

Clearly communicated polices guide the actions of those who manage survey projects and also protect respondents.
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Survey Guide - Get Started with Spark Chart

The Spark Chart survey software gives you the skills and tools to create and manage successful survey projects and to get and share the feedback you need.
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Tips to conduct a survey pilot

Conducting a survey pilot helps confirm the validity of your questions and the effectiveness of the messages in your communication.
Spark Chart Survey Software Mission Control

Managing a survey project in the Spark Chart Mission Control

In the project Mission Control you can plan, distribute surveys, manage the project and analyse and share results.
Spark Chart Survey Software Dashboard

Creating a survey project in the Spark Chart Dashboard

In the Spark Chart Dashboard you can build surveys and launch projects ready to deploy surveys and view results.
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Getting Started with Spark Chart

Watch this short video to learn the key steps to plan and manage a successful survey project with Spark Chart.
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Mind Reading with Spark Chart

Watch this video and learn, in two minutes, how Spark Chart can help you run surveys and become a mind reader.
Engage Teams - Employee Survey

Quick guide to making a great employee survey

In this guide we discuss some principles to apply in order to create an effective employee survey.
Customer Survey

Customer surveys: 10 easy tip to follow

Creating a useful customer survey can be challenging, but the investment is worthwhile and can give a lot of data quickly.
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6 simple ways to make sure your survey incentives are effective

When you issue a survey, it’s vital to give your audience good motivation for doing it. Incentives can help.
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Informed survey consent: some guidelines

What is informed consent? When should you get it? When do you have to get it? How do you collect it?
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Avoid survey mistakes: common pitfalls before sending a survey

It’s common to focus on writing engaging questions. The piece that is often missed is the all-important pre-launch work.
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Introduction to survey writing: goals and objectives

Survey writing that gets you good data is almost impossible without establishing clear survey goals and objectives.

Plan survey projects with Spark Chart

Spark Chart provides the resources and tools to help plan survey projects. Spark Chart is the survey tool to help you rapidly develop ideas and get answers!

A successful survey project depends upon having 1) a robust process and 2) expertise in designing surveys, getting responses, analysing results, presenting results and planning action. Here is a simple process to follow to ensure success.

Establishing survey goals is essential to plan survey projects

Establishing clear goals and objectives is essential to create a survey that results in valuable data. A goal is an overarching principle or broad statement of the primary aim or outcome. It guides decision making. Objectives are specific and measurable steps to meet the goal. So, start by writing an overall goal and then break it down into objectives. Resist the urge to dive head-first into question writing.

Here is  a process to plan survey projects

Step 1: Plan the project

  • Agree the scope, survey project objectives and target audience
  • Consult with key stakeholders about the survey requirements
  • Define the key policies for the project (e.g. anonymity, confidentiality, level of access to results)
  • Develop the project plan and timelines

Step 2: Design & pilot the survey & communications

  • Develop the survey goals and objectives
  • Define the reporting requirements (demographic, target groups, etc.)
  • Design the survey and communications
  • Pilot the survey and communications and refine. Pilot again in need.
  • Obtain survey sign-off

Step 3: Engage respondents and get survey responses

  • Set up the project and obtain participant details
  • Plan participant engagement strategies
  • Distribute surveys and provide support
  • Ensure confidentiality and anonymity policies are met
  • Follow up surveys to achieve/exceed target response rates

Step 4: Analyze results & develop recommendations

  • Analyse results and identify key trends
  • Develop recommendations
  • Create compelling and focused reports

Step 5: Present results and plan action

  • Present results and the Case for Action
  • Make decisions and plan action
  • Communicate results and plans to key stakeholders