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Survey fuelled business consulting

Every successful venture begins with a solid foundation, and for a business consulting practice, this foundation is built on client and employee relationships.

Surveys: A Guide for Training Organisations

In the field of training and development, effective evaluation is a cornerstone for continuous improvement. Surveys offer a means to gather feedback, assess training effectiveness, and drive data-driven decisions.

Effective Market Research Surveys

Market research surveys play a pivotal role in understanding customer preferences, analyzing market trends, and making informed business decisions.

Why Employee Engagement Matters

One of the best ways to understand your staff better is to use employee engagement surveys. The information you can gain from such surveys is invaluable.

The Best Tools for Business Consultants

Regardless of whether you’re working for yourself or running a business consultancy, you need the best tools. Fortunately, we live in a world with many digital solutions.

Why use 360 degree feedback?

All businesses, leaders and employees can benefit from 360 degree feedback when it’s done in a constructive, supportive and honest way.

What is a Good Net Promoter Score®?

What is a good Net promoter Score will vary depending on your organisation & industry. One comparison trumps them all – your own benchmark.

Why You Should Survey Customers

The process of surveying customers goes a lot deeper than just trying to make them happy. Here’s why you should be surveying your customers.

The Ultimate Survey Guide

Use this comprehensive survey guide to learn how to deliver a successful survey project, design surveys, get responses, analyse results, present results and plan action.

Conditional Logic in Surveys

Conditional Logic lets you create dynamic surveys that change what a respondent sees and what happens based on their responses.